How to Smile for a Picture

Practicing your everyday smile will make it easier to smile naturally when someone takes your picture. If being in front of a camera makes you nervous or your smiles always look forced, try these tips for a more photogenic grin.
  • Remember to use your eyes. A smile that only involves the mouth will look fake and stiff. Keep in mind the happy, feel-good things you thought about when practicing your smile and think of them right before you get your picture taken. This will help to produce a genuine smile that you love the look of.
  • Avoid slouching. When your head is bent too far forward, it can give you a "double chin" look that detracts from your smile. Stand up a little straighter and let your head sit at a natural angle.
  • Don't force it. Big, goofy grins are okay if you're kidding around with your friends, but for a casual photograph, it will be obvious that you're trying too hard. Smile gently and let your teeth show just enough to convey positive emotion without making you look like you're about to explode.
  • Love your smile. Don't worry about the "flaws" that you think you have. Everyone is unique and that individuality is what makes your smile beautiful. Relax. Let smiling come naturally when the camera shutter clicks and you'll see gorgeous results.

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