More Reasons to Smile

As you seek to practice your smile and make it the best it can be, you'll want to be on the lookout for everyday reasons to smile. Pay attention to the world around you and you might be surprised at just how many things there are that bring this all-important expression to your face. These are just a few things you can look out for or actively do to increase the number of times you smile every day:
  • Return smiles from anyone who smiles at you. It could be someone you know or a complete stranger, but never turn down the chance for a positive interaction. You might even make a new friend.
  • Watch people playing with their dogs or their kids. The energy and exuberance they display has a tendency to rub off and before you know it, you'll be feeling happy and upbeat.
  • Watch kids in general. They do some of the funniest, most heart warming things and occasionally come out with little pearls of wisdom that never occur to adults.
  • Spend some time watching what your pets do when you're not paying attention to them. Dogs and cats in particular have a way of getting into the silliest kinds of trouble that you can't help but respond to with a smile or a laugh.
  • Watch someone you love while they sleep. If there's a baby in your family, that's even better. You'll find yourself smiling at their peaceful expression and the movements and sounds they make as they dream.
  • Think about all of the wonderful things that you have in your life. Your family, your friends, your job, the place where you live and even the things that you own are all blessings that you enjoy every day.
  • Read a funny book or watch an amusing movie. Laughing generates some of the best smiles.
  • If you like to cook, make yourself your favorite meal. Preparing ingredients, cooking the meal and eating the food are all opportunities to relax, enjoy yourself and feel happy.
  • Have your friends over for a spontaneous girls' or guys' night in. Serve up some snacks, play games or do whatever you all enjoy the most and you'll all be smiling in no time.
  • Remember that you are blessed with unique traits and abilities that make you special. This might sound cliché, but it's a truth many people forget. What makes you "you" is a gift worth smiling about.

Find your own reasons to smile as you go about your day and make a list. Read it to give yourself a boost whenever you're feeling sad or discouraged. You can also share your list with friends and family who need encouragement or others you know who are trying to incorporate more smiles into their daily lives. Writing down what makes you break out into a grin is an exercise in positive thinking that can brighten the mood and give you a better outlook on life.

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