Benefits of Smiling

Smiling isn't just a facial expression. It has benefits for personal health, social wellbeing and even work productivity. When you smile, you're helping yourself and those around you in many different ways.

Health Benefits
  • Manages stress - Smiling releases "feel good" brain chemicals called endorphins. The same compounds are responsible for the natural high you feel after exercising. Endorphins counter stress hormones and make you feel more relaxed. In addition, smiling can lower your heart rate, making it easier to slow down and rest even in difficult situations.
  • Makes you look better - Radiating a feeling of brightness and cheer makes you more attractive to other people. Not only that, a genuine smile is often associated with confidence, so you'll appear more competent and approachable.
  • Makes you look younger - Smiling gives your facial muscles a natural lift that contributes to youthfulness and can even make you look younger than your years.
  • May increase immunity - It could be true that laughter is the best medicine. Some studies have shown that smiling and laughing can actually encourage the body to produce more white blood cells, the cells that work to fight against illness and keep you feeling your best.

Social Benefits
  • Increases trust - When your smile is genuine, other people will see you as more open and honest. They'll feel more able to come to you for help or support, which increases your reputation as a trustworthy individual. This improves relationships in all areas from your daily office interactions to your personal life.
  • Imparts an air of confidence - The same confident look that makes a smile attractive can benefit you when it comes to social and business relationships as well. People associate smiling with being competent and self-assured. Smiling also encourages you to be friendlier in your interactions, which makes other people more inclined to leave tips, offer a raise or come to you with new business opportunities.
  • Increases productivity - Believe it or not, working with a smile on your face can help you get more done. Part of this might be due to its stress-busting effects. When you feel better and have a positive attitude, you're more open to the tasks at hand and more able to concentrate on what needs to be done. This increased awareness makes you a better worker, something that your boss is sure to notice.
  • Puts others at ease - Making other people happier is a great benefit of smiling. Studies have shown that smiling can actually be contagious, meaning that when your friends and co-workers see you smiling, they're more likely to smile themselves and reap all the advantages of this positive expression.
  • Makes connections - The catching nature of a smile helps you establish connections with others. The combination of being confident, trustworthy, approachable and upbeat tends to draw people to you. A true smile also conveys empathy in tough or embarrassing situations, diffusing tension and showing others that you understand their feelings.

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