Learn How to Smile

A smile seems like a simple gesture, an expression that crosses everyone's face everyday without much thought. However, smiling is actually a complex mechanism that involves not only a collection of facial muscles but also a variety of signals and chemicals in the brain that influence emotions. While the idea of learning to smile might sound strange to some, the more you understand about this universal expression, the better you'll be able use it to improve your life.

A smile is so much more than a "frown turned upside-down." Every time you smile, your body reacts with brain chemicals that affect your emotions. The gesture also affects how those around you feel as well as their perception of you as a person. As you learn to incorporate more smiles into your daily life, you'll begin to see and feel the changes brought about by this positive expression. Your mood will lift, you'll be more productive at work and your relationships will improve as others find themselves more at ease in your presence. Smiling truly is a powerful way for anyone to improve their personal and social lives.


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